About Us

About Us

Our Vision

We are inspired by quality products and we are committed to revolutionizing the customer service experience and how you see paint!

Our Mission

By living our values we are committed to creating an amazing customer service experience, a fun and creative work environment and developing our brand. Every day we add value to our service by doing a little extra than what’s expected of us.

Our Values

We are committed and passionately strive to provide you with outstanding customer service. At Colour X, we acknowledge that it’s not just about paint. It’s our goal to inspire the possibility of choice, vision and trust. Our dedication is to you!


Welcome! Our solid foundation unites us, and as family we understand that we are all unique. Through our commitment and bond to one another we invite you to experience our culture, our service and our familyness.


We strive to create a calm workplace where we come from a space of acknowledgement, carefulness, honesty and patience when we are dealing with each other and with customers. When things feel as though they are going off track we will remember to take a moment, breathe and just chill.


We are committed to creating an environment that allows us to be the best version of us. We will inspire our community and provide each other with a meaningful experience based on creating the Magic 8: creativity, fun, happiness, knowledge, passion, loyalty, respect and support.

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