Sales Associate / Colour Expert

You are a creative, energetic, design savvy Sales Associate / Colour Expert who is inspired by décor and passionate about customer service. You are respectful and friendly towards others and you thrive working in a group.

Who you are…

  • You are passionate about and inspired by colour, wallpaper and fabric.
  • You are inspired by the latest décor trends. You are always looking for ways to continue to learn and grow your décor knowledge. You also understand that trends are not for everyone and the best choice of colour or wallpaper for a customer is the one that best suits their style and needs.
  • You understand that choosing colour is very personal and subjective and you are committed to educating the customer so that they choose a colour that will compliment their space based on their style and lighting.
  • If you don’t already know how to tint and colour match, you are excited for the opportunity to learn how to do both. You see this as a useful skill, especially when it comes to understanding what goes into creating a customer’s order.
  • You are resourceful, helpful and always look for ways to assist your team by checking orders, taking orders over the phone and in person, and completing orders at point of sale.
  • You thrive working in a fast paced environment that sometimes requires shifting from task to task (e.g. multitasking between helping a customer choose a colour for their home, pulling a wallpaper book for another customer, and taking a phone order) and you barely break a sweat.
  • You understand the importance of being in communication with your team and with clients. On a busy day you make sure to let customers know that it might take a bit longer to complete their order. You also check in with your fellow colleagues to see if everyone is doing okay
  • You look at the quiet moments as an opportunity to organize the décor area (especially after you’ve pulled almost every colour chip and wallpaper book during the last retail rush); help merchandise the floor and showcase new product; order chips for the colour displays; organize new incoming wallpaper books; and assist with putting product away, because you believe that it’s the little things that help provide the best all around customer service.
  • You collaborate well with others and always welcome feedback from your colleagues. You see this as an opportunity to get better.
  • You are also comfortable providing suggestions that may help improve existing systems. You think outside of the box when it comes to improving or enhancing the customer service experience.
  • You are committed to following existing systems and procedures that help ensure the accuracy of each order that goes out (e.g. double checking pricing and ETAs for all wallpaper orders)
  • You take pride in keeping the décor area organized, especially when it comes to organizing the colour displays, wallpaper books, décor literature and all of the other little details that help make the décor area an inspirational place for customers to visit.
  • You get excited to help educate customers on the best products they need for their job. You look at every customer and customer service experience as an opportunity to teach, grow and learn.
  • No matter what time your shift starts you always show up early and you look forward to sticking around a bit extra if a teammate needs a helping hand.
  • You enjoy working in groups on various projects that help enhance the overall customer service experience (e.g. creating new ideas to advertise promos, redecorating the store to provide inspirational ideas to customers, working with the advertising team to come up with a new radio commercial, etc.).
  • You know how and when to ask for help from your team.
  • You see the value in cultural development and are always open to change.
  • You are infinitely friendly and respectful towards all customers and coworkers. You always look to provide customers with a warm greeting and make them feel welcome and at home.

As a Sales Associate / Colour Expert you will…

  • Assist clients with choosing the best colour suited for his/her décor needs
  • Assist clients with choosing the right wallpaper and/or fabric for their project
  • Comfortable tinting, mixing and checking paint when necessary (please note that tinting may be a requirement based on the retail location)
  • Maintain excellent relationships with all of our décor reps
  • Triple check wallpaper orders to ensure accuracy
  • Complete and follow-up on ongoing wallpaper orders (e.g. check stock, etc.)
  • Develop customer relations with our retail and contractor base
  • Maintain displays, product literature and décor samples
  • Maintain sales areas, tint areas and décor areas in a neat and organized manner
  • Monitor stock levels, merchandise shelves and order from suppliers when necessary
  • Assist at point of sale to complete orders
  • Check all orders for quality assurance
  • Manage incoming orders by phone, email and in person
  • Assist with receiving product and stocking shelves when necessary

A few general technical requirements for all candidates…

  • 1-3 years experience with a customer service focus in a sales driven environment
  • Design experience (at least 2 years) and education or degree in design

At ColourX we have a diverse workforce with equal opportunities for all employees. We provide each employee with full product and customer service skills training as well as cultural development. If you are interested in this position, send your resume to!

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