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Renner – WB Top Coat – YO-U851

Available in 1k or 2k Available in 10, 25/30 and 50 degree - Available clear and pigmented


The Renner Italia™ 851 Water-Based Urethane is a premium topcoat product that’s affordable and great for both residential and commercial projects. This water-based urethane topcoat is extremely durable, long-lasting and mildew resistant when proper application and maintenance over time.
This Renner topcoat can be used with the Renner Italia™ Topcoat Catalyst, YC.M404. YC.M404 comes in one quart containers and, when catalyzed at 10%, is good for approximately 7 gallons of Renner Italia™ Water-Base Urethane Topcoat products. This product is excellent for refinishing and for an open grain look finish. It can be tinted in any colour or used as clear.

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General use, for woods with pores if catalysed, can be used for rich in tannin wood. Suitable for cabinet refinishing. Furniture, doors, and trim.

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Clear Pigmented White
Pail Gallon
Gallon Pail
10 25

It is recommended that a hardener is used for all 2K products for the best results

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